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“I wanted to enroll in a program where I could learn from faculty in a number of different departments,” he said. “I wanted to design my own curriculum; I didn’t want to take classes that check a box.”Nick Beresic, Ed.D.

I think [my areas of study are] going to be great to pair together, and it personally empowers you in a way to be able to make choices that work best for you. Grayson Fish, graduate student

I really like the foundations of business and leadership courses. That’s where I feel like it will really help me in my career.” —Amy Grau, graduate student

“The MAPS program allows me to really combine my two areas of passion and experience that I’ve had in my work career to be able to chart my own path.” —Jen Drake, graduate student

The future of work

I’m starting to look for opportunities to see where I can apply with where I was with where I’m going.” —Grayson Fish, graduate student

“I can really see the MAPS program could help me to springboard into a second career.” —Jen Drake, graduate student

Tuition waiver program for UNC-Chapel Hill and UNC System employees

“Carolina is a world-class institution, and I like that I can interact with faculty in many different departments,” he said. “I’m very grateful for the tuition waiver; it takes a lot of the pressure off. … We’re growing and learning together.”Nick Beresic, Ed.D.

“To have it covered as part of my employee benefits is absolutely amazing. I’m grateful for it, and it’s really what makes this possible for me right now.” —Amy Grau, graduate student

“It allows me to remain a committed, full-time employee while pursuing my education part time.” —Jen Drake, graduate student