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Company: Alcami Corporation

Position: Supply Chain Planner

PSM Program: Toxicology

LinkedIn Profile:

Why were you originally interested in applying to your PSM program?

I was really interested in the program initially because I felt it would allow me to build a business foundation, while also expanding on my science background. The combination of science and business is a really important part of industry that many people don't realize.

How have the skills you learned within the PSM program helped you in your work?

Words cannot describe how helpful the skills I learned have become. Our weekly seminars really gave us widespread exposure to all aspects of professionalism. This really gave me confidence when it came time to apply for internships and jobs and start working in the pharmaceutical industry. In addition to this, the project management course and other business related courses helped prepare me for a non-science job and taught me some fundamentals that I use every day at work. This program does a great job educating in all areas of professionalism and because of this, I feel prepared every day when I walk into the office.