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Company: GlaxoSmithKline Vaccines

Position: Vaccines R&D Future Leaders Programme Associate

PSM Program: Toxicology

LinkedIn Profile:

Why were you originally interested in applying to your PSM program?

I was initially attracted to the PSM program in Toxicology because it provided an opportunity to advance my scientific knowledge while concurrently developing my business skill set. At the time that I applied to the program, I knew that I wanted to transition from academia into industry and I was interested in a nontraditional graduate program that would help me achieve my professional goals. The PSM program was the perfect fit for me!

How have the skills you learned within the PSM program helped you in your work?

I use many of the skills that I developed within the PSM program daily in my current role. In addition to my technical skills, I regularly employ techniques that I developed through project management and communication coursework in my work. While in the PSM program, I also developed my leadership skills and improved my ability to influence and motivate others; I find both of these skills to be very helpful while working in a matrix environment.

Are there additional comments you would like to offer?

My PSM internship was a wonderful opportunity for me to apply the technical, business, and leadership skills that I developed through my coursework in a meaningful and tangible way. It was a great learning and developmental opportunity that prepared me well for beginning my current position after graduating from the program.