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Expected graduation date: Spring 2020

Program: BMHI

LinkedIn Profile:

Career Goals:

I would like to focus my career around advancing precision medicine and making it affordable and accessible. Advancing public knowledge and understanding of genetic research will always be important to me and I hope to have that be part of my future career.


I am from Great Falls, VA and studied Bioinformatics and concentrated in genomics at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond. During my time at VCU I did research in a human and molecular genetics lab for blood diseases and worked my way over to a life science consulting group, Venebio, where I found that working with public health/epidemiology data to improve peoples lives is what I wanted to dedicate my career to. Currently I am a government contractor working on a computational toxicology team to find ways to reduce animal testing.

Why UNC?:

It has been my dream to attend UNC since I started my undergraduate career. North Carolina is a beautiful state with so many opportunities to learn and grow. With RTP down the road from UNC, it was an easy choice. Also the Carolina Blue really brings out my eyes.