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Expected graduation date: Summer 2019

Program: BMHI

LinkedIn Profile:

Career Goals:

Pursuing a career enabling me to utilize my medical and public health background in evaluating health data and information systems. My goal is to work towards analyzing and improving the efficiency of clinical decision support and the overall quality of care.


I moved to the United States from Cairo,Egypt in 2004, completing my Bachelors of Science and Masters of Public Health at the University of Missouri and medical school at Trinity School of Medicine. Since then, I completed an internship in Healthcare Quality Management in Egypt, and have been teaching medical sciences to healthcare professionals from various disciplines. I have conducted research at UT Southwestern, investigating the effect of parental age of onset of cardiovascular disease on the age of onset in the offspring. These experiences exposed me to the importance of evaluating clinical databases and the ability to extract correlations between risk factors, management and clinical outcomes.

Why UNC?:

In addition to UNC’s innovative contribution to the field of health informatics, as well as its exceptional faculty and staff, its interdisciplinary approach in exposing students to the school of medicine, nursing, dentistry, pharmacy and public health were the reasons that drew me to this program.