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Expected graduation date: Spring 2020

Program: BMHI

LinkedIn Profile:

Career Goals:

I envision leading a pioneer health care institute by optimizing patient outcomes and health care quality through the use of cutting-edge technology and automation.


I am a qualified pharmacist from India and worked as a clinical research professional at GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals. At GSK, I realized my desire and skill in personal interactions which drove me to pursue a Doctor of Pharmacy at Nova Southeastern University, Florida. Throughout my advanced pharmacy practice experiences at various healthcare facilities such as, Jackson Memorial Hospital, Memorial Regional Hospital, and working with physicians, nurses and patients alike, I was exposed to the undeniable role of information technology in aiding clinical decision-making. Being directly engaged with end-users through such pharmacy clerkships proved valuable as it has propelled me to be creative and anticipate the needs of health care providers.

Why UNC?:

The BMHI program at UNC is distinguished in its blend of information science and professional development. In addition, its established reputation for providing world-class education is indisputable.