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What is the MAPS Program?

The Master of Applied Professional Studies (MAPS) from The Graduate School at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is an exciting degree program offered for adults working to advance their knowledge, skills, and qualifications in their profession. Designed to meet state and regional workforce needs, as well as professional development and skill attainment, the MAPS program will help you gain the skills and qualifications needed to be competitive in your industry.

If you are pursuing career advancement, workforce expertise, professional development, or are interested in changing careers, a MAPS degree will provide you with a solid foundation and the resources needed to help you create a comprehensive degree that is designed for your professional needs.

Meet a MAPS graduate student—Grayson Fish

Grayson Fish is part of the inaugural cohort of students in the Master of Applied Professional Studies graduate degree program, offered by The Graduate School.

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    Meet a MAPS graduate—Giovanni Biggers

    Giovanni Biggers plans to use what he learned taking classes in business and in public policy to help underprivileged children find avenues to higher education.

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    Meet a MAPS graduate student—Jennifer Drake

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    Meet a MAPS graduate student—Amy Grau

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    Meet a MAPS graduate student—Nick Beresic

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