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Company: Blue Cross Blue Shield North Carolina

Position: Clinical Informatics Analyst

PSM Program: BMHI

LinkedIn Profile:

Why were you originally interested in applying to your PSM program?

UNC’s program offered a degree that encompassed my passion in Analytics, Business, and Healthcare. The professional science masters program teaches its students high caliber technical skills but also communication skills.

Are there additional comments you would like to offer?

Dobgima Joseph Njinimbam currently works at Blue Cross Blue Shield North Carolina (BCBSNC) as a Clinical Informatics Analyst. Currently he completes ad hoc request as directed by management to include the analysis of Medicare medical expense trends, utilization rates, and cost drivers. Prior to BCBSNC, he worked at North Carolina Translational and Clinical Sciences Institute (NCTRACS) as a Health Informatics Analyst. While there, he oversaw the creation and implementation of UNC's i2b2 data dictionary, managed numerous scheduled reports, and extracted health data utilizing SQL and Base SAS.

Additionally, he was the team lead of the First Place winning team in the 2016 Digital Health Innovation Sprint. Their idea Asthma One is a mobile app for asthma patients focused on education and engagement.

Originally from South Carolina, Dob Njinimbam moved to NC to obtain his Masters in Biomedical and Health Informatics. He was part of the first cohort in 2014. He received a B.S. Biological Sciences (Pre-Med) degree from Clemson University. His goal was to become a Pediatrician; however, he was not accepted into a Medical School program in 2013. He turned a negative into a strong positive by obtaining an internship at the Department of Psychiatry in Greenville, SC. Working alongside the Department Chair of Psychiatry, Dr. Kenneth Rogers, he found his passion in utilizing health data to drive clinical and business decisions.