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Expected graduation date: Fall 2019

Program: BMHI

LinkedIn Profile:

Career Goals:

My goal is to improve end users experience in healthcare through data analysis.


I was born and raised in Bangladesh. I permanently moved to USA with my family and completed undergrad in Cell Biology from the University of North Florida.I have many years of direct-patient-care experience and I am currently working at Duke Hospital as part one of their clinical trials programs. My interest for data analysis grew during my current job where I saw the importance of data analysis in developing and providing new methods of treatment to patients. In my free time, my husband and I like to visit new places, restaurants and go for hiking.

Why UNC?:

Out of all the universities, UNC specifically caught my attention not just because of the vast opportunities provided by this program. I also liked the campus and its environment. The student body is very diverse and there are multiple study spaces. Additionally, the university is easily accessible. All these made it an easy decision to choose UNC.